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1. Tambour
2. Shirred 
3. Standing wool

4. Knitted
5. Flat Wrap
6. Amish Knot

7. Chain Braids
8. Broomstick & String Crochet
9. Crocheted

10. Fabric Tapestry
11. Anchored Loop
12. Hooked, Poked, Prodded, Bodkin

13. Needleworked
14. Toothbrush rugs
15. Braided rugs

16. Knotted & strung shags
17. Loom woven
18. Patched (penny rugs) & sewn shags
19. Frame made rugs
20. Wagon wheel & frame braids 
21. Odds 'n ends



Rag Rugs Tour
#20: Wagon Wheel & Frame Braided Rag Rugs

Both Wagon Wheel Rugs and Frame Braided rugs are particular variations of frame woven rag rugs, but because they both employ unique 'tricks', they are techniques unique to themselves. 

Wagon wheel rugs are woven-in-the-round on a wooden frame (square or round). Originating in the Scandanavian countries, they were most often made from wools or heavy cotton flannels and can be quite striking, with the 'V' of the warp. Less commonly, wagon wheel rugs were also woven in oval shapes. 

Frame Braids & Plaits
These braids are one single braided or plaited unit. In order to make a frame braid rug, a rigid frame of the same size as the finished rug is needed. The strands are worked in continuous lengths to make one giant braid which becomes the rug. At each 'braid turning' the edge of the braid is temporarily tacked to the frame. 

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Books and Supplies for 
Wagon Wheel Rag Rugs

 Recommended Reading: 
"Fabulous Rag Rugs from Simple Frames" by Diana Blake Gray
Forty different techniques (woven and non-woven structures) for rug making with frames (see our catalog). The book includes both the wagon wheel rugs and frame braids. 

"Twined Rag Rugs" by Bobbie Irwin. 
A full exploration of the twined rug structures. This is the book to order if you are chiefly interested in the twisted weft rugs. It is a great reference and good companion to the book above.Available from directly from the author for $19.95 + $3.00 for book rate shipping (or $4.25 for priority mail shipping). Send check or money order to Bobbie Irwin, 62600 Jeremy Road, Montrose, CO 81401, or you can email Bobbie at irwin@rmi.net. If you would like your book signed or personalized, just let Bobbi know. 

I am interested in making wagon wheel rugs for sale. I saw the bulletin on your site and would appreciate any other information on that type of rug and getting started in a business. Is this a rug style that would be profitable? It was not listed among those suggested in the article on the subject of rug-making for profit. I like it because it is so unusual. Thank you for your time.

As for the Wagon Wheel rugs as a business--let me say this: You can make a good business from *any* of the traditional rugs so long as they are well made! So don't be discouraged that I didn't list them as one of the ones that command the highest prices. The guidelines about getting a better price for wool rugs than cotton rugs would apply to the wagon wheels, but you can start with either fabric, while you perfect your technique. Happy rug making! Diana 

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