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Rag Rugs Tour
1. Tambour
2. Shirred 
3. Standing wool

4. Knitted
5. Flat Wrap
6. Amish Knot

7. Chain Braids
8. Broomstick & String Crochet
9. Crocheted

10. Fabric Tapestry
11. Anchored Loop
12. Hooked, Poked, Prodded, Bodkin

13. Needleworked
14. Toothbrush rugs
15. Braided rugs

16. Knotted & strung shags
17. Loom woven
18. Patched (penny rugs) & sewn shags
19. Frame made rugs
20. Wagon wheel & frame braids 
21. Odds 'n ends



Rag Rugs Tour
#3: Standing Wool Rugs

Standing Wool Rugs fire agate
Traditional standing wool rugs are made by stitching narrow strips of thick wools together so that the edges form the top and bottom surfaces of the rug. There are many ways of assembling standing wool rugs including coils, multiple centers, freeform shapes and combinations with shirred wools. At right is a rug combining the standing wool with shirred wools to create textural depth in a freeform rug. Traditionally a linen cord was used for the stitching.

One of the most interesting variations of the standing wool rugs are the "beaded" rugs, where small strips of wool are rolled into tight 'beads' which form the rug surface. These rugs are made in a 2-step processs where the beads are strung, and then coiled to form the rug. Beaded rugs look quite complex and time consuming, but actually go together fairly quickly. The beads are rolled by laying the wool strip flat in the palm of the hand, and sliding the other hand across.

A 1-step variation is lesser known, but allows the precise placement of each bead making possible elaborate designs where each bead becomes a point of color for representational designs. Particularly when using plaid or patterned wool, the textile artist can control subtle shadings and color transitions.

While wool is the traditional fabric of choice, these rugs can also be made of heavy weight felt (wool or synthetic) and heavy weight polar fleece.
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